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Growsmart was designed to provide parents with a one-stop resource for information relating to school, parenting, child development, health, activities and more in Virginia Beach. It was created by a team of individuals representing city agencies and community partners. This comprehensive site features news and information parents can use.

 The 101’s provide 101 things to do when disciplining a child to provide a healthy, nurturing environment, focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

 The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is dedicated to improving the well-being of all young children, with particular focus on the quality of educational and developmental services for all children from birth through age 8. NAEYC is committed to becoming an increasingly high performing and inclusive organization.

We are deeply honored that the National Association for the Education of Young Children is bringing “Families Today” to its website. This website is about families and for families.

preschool                                                Virginia Preschool Assessment Center

Children ages 3 and older may be eligible for free diagnostic assessment through the Parent Support and Information Center of Virginia Beach Public Schools. This is a community service that is available to support your child’s development. They can be contacted at (757) 263-2066.

Infant Program2

Early Intervention Program

Virginia Beach’s Infant and Toddler Connection is for children age 3 and under and is a community service that is available to help support your young child’s development. You can contact them at (757) 385-4400. 


Early screening for children’s development is important to get you access to resources and support that may be needed. A reliable tool for developmental screening that has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics is the ASQ, or Ages and Stages Questionnaire. These questionnaires are available at multiple stages from birth to age 5. The questionnaire asks questions in the areas of communication, gross motor, problem-solving, and personal-social development. The use of the ASQ can help parents, doctors, caregivers, and teachers of young children track children’s development and identify any potential concerns. CHKD offers pediatric primary care and specialty services throughout the Hampton Roads region. In addition to our main hospital, CHKD has six Health Centers and Satellite locations with specialists, diagnostic and laboratory services, and rehabilitative services. is a fun, Kid-friendly environment online that is super easy for even a preschooler to navigate. Simple Icons and Directional Graphics make it easy to get around.  They provide stories, online games, pretend play environments, and many varied activities to encourage creativity and independent thinking.

Recognizing that literacy is the cornerstone of a child’s intellectual, personal and cultural growth, for nearly 90 years Scholastic has created quality products and services that educate, entertain and motivate children and are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them.

 Macaroni Kid Virginia Beach is a publication reaching thousands of families in the Hampton Roads area – with that number growing every day. We are proud to offer parents a free, one stop shop filled with all the events and activities that our beautiful area has to offer