Parent Testimonials

Read what great things our parents have to say about Parish Day School!

Teachers often affect our lives more than they realize.  From high school days to the present, I have had teachers to whom I will be forever indebted, not merely because of what they taught me, but because they provided the invaluable examples of dedication, kindness, and generosity of spirit that have given me an unshakable faith in the basic goodness of the human species. -D. Koontz

Thank you all for being that special teacher that my son recalls vividly.   Thank you for setting the bar so high at an early age.  He will compare all his teachers to you going forward.  They will have a hard time meeting his expectations after you have left your mark.  Thank you once again from Creighton and Jake

Cecil absolutely adores PDS, it’s difficult to pull him off the playground! Night time prayers he always blesses all his friends and teachers at school!  So sweet, what a joyful thing!  I’d love it if you could pass this on to all involved (what a gift)!  Peace to all,

My husband and I would like to thank everyone at PDS for doing such a wonderful job!  Ryan is so happy and loves everyone on staff and we couldn’t be more excited for him and where he is right now.  He’s really comfortable and has a big smile for Ms. Salem and Mrs. Gross every morning.  Thanks again and we look forward to a great year!
Michelle and Josh

My Family and I have moved back to Virginia just days ago after nearly four years in Bavaria, Germany. We’ve visited several other area pre-schools so far. Not one gave me such a great feeling as did Parish Day School. I just wanted to take the time to praise PDS for your kindness and willingness to help us. The PDS philosophy is wonderfully child-centered and lovingly recognizes the importance of connecting spirituality with learning. We love that! Thanks again for your kind assistance, warm greeting, and clear love for children’s learning. You made my day!



Mrs. Davis.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU…. I love what you do, how you do it, and who you are!! You are such a great teacher, I’m really grateful Madison has you!! This weekend David was putting together a lego set for Jackson that had a “machine” part, and it was properly identified by Madison and blew us all away!! Your lessons are being brought home and I thank you so much for all you do. You are a wonderful teacher!!!!

PDS-you have a FANTASTIC teacher in Mrs. Davis. She is just wonderful and her lessons are so very thoughtful. The curriculum offered at PDS is top notch. Thank you so much for your great work!