Inclement Weather Policy


In case of inclement weather, the school will follow the Virginia Beach Public School’s policy on opening and closing for the first day of the weather emergency(snow,hurricane,etc.). If the public schools are closed for the day, all programs will be closed. If the public schools are delayed for more than one hour, usually there will be no morning preschool. The Full and Extended classes will follow the same procedures for opening as the public schools.

If the public schools are closed for more than one day, the Parish Day School’s delay or closing (for the second or subsequent days) will be announced on our website and through our Remind Text Alert system (Please see link below to sign up for the Remind Text Alert service.). Full-day classes and extended-day classes are not automatically available these days. Please check our website and look for an email  to verify if we are offering care.

Although it is generally our policy to follow the public school schedule, there may be times the Parish Day School will be closed, after severe weather, if the health, fire and/or safety inspectors deem necessary. Should weather conditions deteriorate during the day requiring that we close before 6 p.m. parents and/or emergency contacts will be notified by phone. If the public  schools close earlier than normal, we will attempt to transport the kindergarten students to PDS in a timely fashion. It is important that if you do not want your child brought here by us on such day , you must call the public school and pass this message through them.

Because the Parish Day School is private any missed days due to inclement weather will not be made up. Please make arrangements in advance for back up childcare plans, in the event of inclement weather closings. No allowances will be made in tuition for inclement weather closings, absences, church closings and holidays.

Most TV stations will only list us online rather than on television. If you have any questions, please contact us at the office.

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